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When life’s challenges become overwhelming, Rago & Associates stands ready to support you.

Our skilled team of therapists, counselors, and eating disorder specialists in Chicago is committed to delivering top-tier, contemporary mental health care. With a compassionate approach and a dedication to your well-being, we’re here to guide you toward a path of balance and healing.

We offer many ways to grow & heal

individual counseling 1

Individual Therapy

Sometimes, talking one-on–one with a trained professional can be the best first step to improving your life. We have therapists that specialize in working with children, teens, and adults. 

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Couples Counseling

Whether you are a married or unmarried couple, couples counseling may be for you. Couples counseling helps promote love, acceptance and healing for the couple.

family counseling 2

Family Counseling

We know there is nothing more valuable to you than your family. When your family goes through periods of conflict and stress, coming together for family counseling can help heal and strengthen your bonds.

online therapy

Online Therapy

The times when it’s hardest to get together in person can be the times that we need help the most. We offer virtual sessions to help us stay connected, no matter what’s going on in the world.

We specialize in many areas

eating disorder counseling

Eating Disorders

We’re proud to offer research-based, creative, and state-of-the-art treatment for eating disorders – including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, and more. We offer treatment in many forms, help address medical problems, and also offer nutrition counseling at every stage of your recovery.   
depression counseling


Counseling for depression usually involves support, education, stopping isolation by getting family and friends involved and helping to determine whether medication is needed. Recovery from depression means feeling like yourself again and finding what is meaningful and important to you in life.
body image counseling

Body Image

We are committed to a healthy lifestyle and a positive body image for every person. As you learn the most flexible, healthy ways to take care of your body, that work for you specifically, you can let go of frustration and hatred toward your body, and move on to living your life with joy and happiness.
anxiety disorder treatment

Anxiety Disorders

Counseling to recover from anxiety disorders includes cognitive and supportive techniques. Exposure to the feared events and learning to overcome unwarranted fears may be part of therapy. Medication is often helpful to break the cycles and inhibit the “fight or flight” response.

maria anad award 2013

Our story

Dr. Maria Rago, the clinical director and founder of Rago & Associates, has provided psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families for over 25 years. She understands that every person is unique, so every person’s treatment plan should be tailored specially for them.

Over the years, Rago & Associates’ success in helping clients accomplish their recovery goals has made them one of the busiest and most successful counseling centers in the Chicago area.

Find your true power. Have a voice in your own therapy. Be a part of creating your own unique treatment plan.