Counseling Services

At Rago & Associates, our mission is to assist individuals and families to identify, understand and overcome any challenges that interfere with living a happy and fulfilling life. We admire your courage to address the aspects of your life that block your happiness and peace of mind. Depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, eating disorders, negative body image and low self-esteem are some of the areas that can be treated successfully. We provide individual counseling, and also couple’s counseling and family counseling. We will work with you to find the right recovery plan to fit your unique needs. We hope to be your partners as you restore joy and success into your life.

Get in Touch

Considering help? Feel free to email Dr. Maria Rago, counseling director at Rago & Associates. She will personally read it and connect you with the services and people she believes can best help you or your loved one.

For more info, questions, or to make an appointment, email Dr. Maria directly at

Or you can reach us by phone:

(630) 637-9300

Skype Sessions Available


If you live too far from our offices to regularly come in, we can use Skype to hold sessions from a distance. Moving or heading away to college? Transitions can be assisted by staying close and personal through Skype.