Chicago Area Eating Disorder Therapists & Dietitians

Rago & Associates’ success in helping clients accomplish their recovery goals has made them one of the busiest and most successful counseling centers in the Chicago area.

We have locations in Chicago, Naperville, North Naperville, Geneva, New Lenox, and we offer Virtual Sessions as well.

We’re here to help you find your true power – and to have a voice in your own therapy. 

Photo of Chicago Therapist Stephanie Ciucci

Stephanie Ciucci

Stephanie is an energetic and highly dedicated dietitian that provides guidance in all areas of nutrition. She has been specializing in the treatment of eating disorders…

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Samantha Estes

Samantha Estes is a passionate and caring dietitian. She enjoys applying knowledge to her clients for them to find peace through…

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Photo of Chicago Therapist Dr. Maria Rago

Maria Rago

Dr. Maria Rago is the clinical director and founder of Rago & Associates. She has extensive experience in individual, marital and family therapy, supervision and professional consultation…

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Photo of Chicago Therapist Lisa Hardekopf

Lisa Hardekopf

Lisa Hardekopf is a Certified Eating Disorders Associate and sits on the board of the Illinois Chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals…

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Photo of Chicago Therapist

Lindsay Calvario

Lindsay is a loving, energetic, and creative nutrition therapist with over 10 years of experience treating eating disorders. As an eating disorders expert, she…

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Photo of Chicago Therapist Josie Miller

Josie Miller

Josie is a creative, warm and direct therapist. Her expertise in eating disorders guides clients down a path to recovery. With her help, clients solve…

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Photo of Chicago Therapist Heather Aviles

Heather Aviles

While working on her B.S. degree in Psychology, Heather began using art as a form of healing negative behaviors and expressing emotions…

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Dr. Even Miceli

Eve Miceli

Dr. Miceli is a warm, caring and creative therapist who utilizes an integrative approach while working with her clients. She utilizes an intensive, team approach…

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