Binge Eating Disorder Therapists

Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is a feeing of loss of control over eating. In BED, a person is in distress because they find themselves overeating or what they perceive is over eating which they don't want to do. Or maybe a part of them looks forward to this binge and plans it out so then it becomes something they want to do. But then again their feelings are mixed about this as they see how binge eating takes over their life, leads to isolation and unhappiness and may lead to unwanted weight gain.

The Rago team understands how much shame and isolation there is in binge eating disorder, and how this leads to a lower quality of life experience.

Signs & Symptoms

Binge eating is defined by the cardinal symptom of a binge. A binge is an episode of loss of control over eating and even can feel like a loss of control over life. Maybe life feels out of control so then the eating is something you can control but then that ultimately betrays you and you end up feeling even more out of control. An unhealthy relationship with food gets activated where you feel obsessed with the binge and with what you are and are not eating. This may also lead to weight gain and the greater unhappiness that comes from this. People with BED often feel trapped in a cycle where this obsession takes over their lives, and may be in the back of their mind all day even when many other areas of life are successful for them.

Cause & Risk Factors

Binge eating disorder can be set off by many factors, most often a combination of more than one. DIETING is a major cause of BED. The physical deprivation and the rigid mind set leads to a person to feel like they have to stop themselves from enjoyable eating. The part of you that finds him or herself or themselves binge eating might be the healthy part of you that does not want to punish or deprive yourself. But without re-organizing the whole structure of your eating plans you might greatly struggle in trying to get out of the destructive cycle. Depression, anxiety and trauma are also factors in BED. And sadly the comfort that eating may bring is overshadowed by the pain and weight gain that BED may cause. Binge eating may provide a welcome escape from how we feel inside, but it's more productive to get with a Rago therapist and figure out the "why" underneath to truly and powerfully break the cycle you may feel trapped in.


Some recent studies show how important it is to get effective help and support for binge eating disorder. It can lead to so much depression and low self-esteem. Binge eating disorder can lead body weight to increase over time which can compound and worsen depression and self-esteem concerns for individuals. Another complication is trauma. Working with your team you might find that past or current traumas are a part of the binge eating. Binging may serve to distract or push away thoughts feelings or memories. Facing these head on with your Rago therapist will help you win over destructive patterns that are keeping you in binge eating.

Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder

Effective treatment for binge eating disorders is important to be aware of because people in this group tend to feel hopeless at times because this struggle is so confusing and painful. Basically issues with food can be almost like a drug becuase of the effects of different eating patterns on the body, and in addition the ways this is a coping mechanism for different emotions and problems in life. Having a dedicated treatment team will allow you to uncover the ways these issues have taken control and help you find your way out of this struggle. Your Rago dietician will help you figure out the optimal eating plans that will not only help you break the cycles but we use a NON-DIETING, High Energy approach to food and activity. Part of the reason people struggle to stop these patterns of binging is because the alternatives are too restrictive and so they lead the person right back into a binge! So step by step: First break the destructive binge eating behaviors without trying to focus on weight loss. It is really the only way. But fortunately, stopping binge eating will most likely lead to weight loss just on it's own! We can work with you for long term plans over time and first we must find an eating plan that works for you to stop binging. At the same time your Rago therapist will address with you the emotional and social connections with your binge eating. Often these issues will trigger a binge and so we need to keep those in mind too.

FAQ About Binge Eating Disorder

Please know that the Rago therapy team does not judge anyone for their behaviors or their weight and we are dedicated to size acceptance and Health at Every Size principles. We are firmly against weight stigma and we have been speaking out against it for years. We are pleased to keep up with all content from the STRIPED program at Harvard, who advocate for policies against weight discrimination and want to stop weighing our kids for the sake of their physical and mental well being. Dr. Rago has been President of ANAD for many years working to fight against weight stigma and discrimination as well as advocating for all people struggling with eating disorders and their loved ones. Please know that we are advocates and you can feel safe sharing with us. We are against blaming those who are stuck in negative eating and body image cycles. It’s not your fault and don’t give up on finding the right solutions that will work for you. We know it’s complicated so let our many years of experience meet you wherever you are.