Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

If you would like to examine difficulties in one or more relationships, we would love to help.

With relationship counseling you can work on how to make your significant relationships better and healthier.

Signs of Relationship Issues

You can really care for someone but have trouble getting along. This includes marriages, parents and children, families and romantic relationships. These relationships might mean the world to us but we have a lot of conflict and disagreements that are challenging to get through. Relationship counseling at Rago's might be just the factor you need to stay together through learning better communication skills, making agreements and work for you, being heard, and learning to express the love and feelings you have in the most constructive way. Couple's research shows that when you argue with someone you love you feel a need to be heard. So thinking about the point you want to get across can even lead you to be unable to fully hear what your loved one is saying. Counseling takes the pressure off, and having guidance to stay away from the same old unproductive fights and communicate in more effective ways leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

Causes of Relationship Issues

Over time negative patterns of communication can become the norm in a relationship and if you don't intervene to figure this out it can lead to unhappiness and negative feelings in the relationship. Not knowing how to get our feelings across and what we need out of a relationship is a threat to our happiness and to the relationship itself.


These negative patterns can just grow over time and make things into a downward spiral. Or less dramatically, we might just be quietly unhappy. Working together with our Rago counseling team will aim to get to the bottom of these patterns and turn these around to lead to healthy communication and getting each partners needs met in the relationship.

Addressing Relationship Issues

As you sort out what you want and need, develop conflict resolution skills and increase assertive communication, you will see your relationships improve. In addition, relationship counseling can help reduce feelings and behaviors of intense shyness. Counseling helps to develop methods to meet new people and feel more confident and comfortable in social settings.

FAQ About Relationship Issues

It is important for people to look into their hearts and find what is best for each person. When couples are looking to stay together we help increase communication and skills to make it work. But we don’t try to force it! As you uncover what is bothering you in the relationship we assist you to have the utmost honesty and respect. If this leads to changes in your partnership this can sometimes be the best thing. We sometimes get thank you letters from our clients who did decide to break up during counseling. But the letters say how supported each person felt and that the support helped everyone make the best choices for all and be able to adjust to whatever outcome they decided on.