Therapy for Adults

The complicated years of adulthood are loaded with stress, responsibilities, relationship and work issues and the many pressures of life. At Rago & Associates we are especially focused on how to help adults set and meet their goals in order to overcome any barriers in the way of their personal and professional success.

Stress and pressure can begin to wear away at even a strong and resilient person. Special circumstances such as death of a loved one, loss of a relationship through break-up or divorce, relationship problems, balancing work and family, time management problems or other difficulties may make the usual ways of coping insufficient.

Symptoms of unhappiness, disappointment, depression and anxiety may appear over time. Inappropriate coping methods such as alcohol abuse, eating problems, spending or gambling troubles, excessive or deficient sleeping may manifest themselves if the underlying problems are not solved. Adults need a place to sort out these problems so they can perform their best and feel good again.

Rago & Associates helps their adult clients benefit from counseling so they can move on from well-meaning coping skills that no longer work for them. We help them take a clear look at their lives and make necessary changes.

Even when people feel there is nothing they can do, we help them find new problem solving techniques. Our passion is to help them find ways to find fulfillment in their personal, family and professional lives.

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