Stress Management

Stress Management

There is no getting around the fact that stress can be overwhelming, effecting body, mind and soul. Many people do not suffer from any diagnosable psychiatric illness, but would like to experience the benefits of problem solving and life planning that counseling provides. In general, people benefit from overcoming self-doubt, self-defeating patterns, relationship problems, insecurities, eating issues and lack of passion in life that most people experience from time to time.

You don’t have to stagnate in a life that feels boring and lacks fulfillment. Life is too precious to live by going through the motions.

Signs & Symptoms of Stress

You probably do not need anyone to explain to you how to know when you are stressed out. You feel it in your body! You might have that knot in your stomach or be having trouble with diarrhea or constipation or have headaches or feel short of breath. We all know what stress feels like. But keep in mind that stress is a warning sign for you. It is your body telling you that things are really piling on and you need to start making some changes in coping before this turns into a depression or severe anxiety or before this starts decreasing productivity at work or in your relationships. Stress management is an area that the Rago team really excels in since all of us and all of our clients end up having stress in our lives. We have developed expertise in helping people handle stress before it starts handling us instead!

Causes & Risk Factors

Anything in life can cause us intense stress. Even if we have a great relationship or great opportunities at school or work, even great things can cause severe stress. It helps to talk things through and make sure you don't lose yourself in the greatness going on in your life. And when things are NOT going well, then it is even worse. Big issues at school, work, in life, in family relationships. all of these can lead us to feeling like things are piled up on top of us and we can barely breathe. The Rago team would love to help you sort all of this out and find your voice when things get overwhelming.

Complications with Stress

Stress can wear on us more and more over time until it starts leading to medical problems, like high blood pressure, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and it can even make us feel like we collapse into depression, anxiety or ptsd. We can lose a lot of productivity at school and work and we can become short tempered and have issues in our relationships if we do not address stress management head on! One symptom of stress is wanting to get away from our problems and avoid them. This can lead to problems building to even bigger size and making life even harder. Even if this has happened we can help! Get control of your life back even if it feels off track. Rago counselors would to help you re-prioritize things and get them solved once again.


Counseling provides you with an atmosphere and structure to work on your vision for your best life and for your best future. Goal setting and planning in any or all areas of life you wish can lead to personal happiness, love, fulfillment and spiritual peace. Change patterns that have held you back or kept you stuck. Bring fun and passion back into your life.

FAQ About Stress Management

This is the perfect time to connect with the Rago team! We are not afraid to jump right in there with you as you open up and share everything that has been happening. We will not judge and we know it is normal for everyone to struggle to get everything right in life some times. We will be there for you every step of the way to help you figure out where things went in the wrong direction and rebuild things back in a better place. Or help prevent this from happening if your body is starting to give you warning signs and you “just know” you need to start to open up and have more support and problem solving help.