School Anxiety and Adjustment

School Anxiety and Adjustment

School is a stressful place for many teens and children. The separation from home and family, the social and academic challenges and other factors may cause young people to avoid or fear school.

This is a common issue children face, and Rago & Associates can provide strategies and tools to help your child cope.

Signs & Symptoms

School is the "job" of children and it is necessary to get out the door in the morning to make that happen. A surprising number of families have a child who feels overwhelmed about going to school and it is easy to understand how that can happen. There are so many social expectations at school as well as issues children may face with learning and dealing with teachers and adults. If your child is crying or avoiding or refusing to go to school it is important to get help as soon as you can to break and reverse these negative cycles.

Causes & Risk Factors

School has emotional, learning and social factors. It can be overwhelming, especially if there is shyness, social anxiety, bullying, feeling left out or intimidated or having trouble connecting with peers and adults at the school. Learning disabilities can lead to feeling overwhelmed and like it is impossible to be successful as well. Getting to the root causes will allow us together to get to the root causes and the solutions.


Your Rago team will meet with you and your child to get an overview of the problem and what is causing it. This will lead us to come up with solutions together. Of course we will collaborate with your child's school and anyone important there who can help. We have had good success in not trying to force children to get to school, but having a compassionate view about why there is trouble to get there, what the obstacles are, and making problem solving positive. Listening to what you and your child are going through will lead to empowerment and implementing the best strategies to make getting to school possible, and a better overall experience.

Treatment for School Anxiety and Adjustment

Individual and family therapy with a counselor, as well as collaboration with school professionals, can result in skill-building and problem-solving to help school phobic young people overcome this problem.

FAQ About School Anxiety and Adjustment

It is important to deescalate the situation and connect with how your child is feeing and what they do not like about going there, and remembering what they do like, so the child can re-set and find their way there. Because if you only focus on the behavior and the stress of needing to go, you might get into a punishing cycle that won’t solve the problem anyway. Focus on the child’s emotions and try to hear why they are so afraid. Then your Rago team can help you empower your child with the collaboration and assistance of trusted professionals at the school as well.