Nutrition Therapy Services

Nutrition Therapy Services

All dieticians are NOT created equally. Many are classically trained to value restrictive eating and even dieting! Many dieticians will tell you to hardly eat fat, to hold back on carbs and to watch out for calories.

At Rago & Associates, our dieticians are knowledgeable about the complexities of food and weight management. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, overcome an eating disorder, achieve a positive body image, or improve your health due to heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, we can guide you towards success. We can also help you overcome childhood eating problems, cope with GI disorders, maintain a Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle without compromising your health, perform optimally in sports, or train for a marathon. Remember, it's your body, and we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Signs & Symptoms of Nutrition Issues

Nutrition is a very basic part of our lives. If we are not getting enough protien or carbs or vitamins we can adapt to anything, but eventually our body might start to get run down! We don't even notice how hungry or slow we are feeling becasue our eating is not optimal. And how do you even define optimal? Rago comes at this with a different approach. We strive for high energy solutions and for a loving way to eat where we have the attitude to take care of our bodies, not punish them as if they can't be trusted. And athletes have special needs too that need to be considered. Athletes often adopt ideas given to them by their coach or someone they see on social media. We are vulnerable to this kind of information and we encoourage you to pleaes come and check things out with our expert team. We love to work with marathon and other runners, cross country and sprinters. soccer players. hockey players, football players. gymnasts, ice skaters, triatheletes and other sporty individuals. So often people want to set goals with their sport, but they don't know how much nutrition is holding them back. And medical issues like stomach problems can be assisted by nutritional consultation. Finally, nutrition is an important way to manage diabetes, and Rago dieticians have extensive experience helping people with diabetes be in their best health. But we can do this with you without promoting heavy restriction of sugar and carbs. When people try to restrict certain foods they can end up binging on them later! We help you embrace all foods in moderation to get the best health and the most out of life.

Causes & Risk Factors

People do their best to make good decisions about optimal eating and nutrition. But there is so much bad information out there, and some of it can even come from your doctor! Sometimes common experiences like learning to read nutrition labels in health class or being told by your doctor that you are overweight can lead to confusion and frustration as we try to change things without enough support or information. Rago nutrition solutions are ALWAYS high energy. Restricing food groups or calories often leads not only to feeling low energy, but it can even lead to weight gain, binge eating and depression. We love to change the world by sharing what we have learned really works for how to have optimal health and happiness through nutrional avenues.

Complications with Poor Nutrition

Did you know?… research shows that teens who dieted gained 20 more pounds than other teens? Stop dieting! Stop restricting your food. People can manage heart issues, diabetes, body image and obesity through nutritious eating, where you won’t constantly be hungry and deprived! Please try our approach. We care about your quality of life as well as your health and weight goals.


Nutrition treatment needs to be highly individualized. We need to know what you love to eat or what you used to love to eat. We want to help you see the whole picture of how you ate growing up, any issues that were part of this that are affecting you now, decisions you made to change things over time, whether you were trying to take better care of your body, coping with illness or becoming best at your sport, and we help you put the puzzle together of how your eating came to be where it is now. Then step buy step our highly talented and unique Rago dieticians can help you make the best plan to change your eating to look and feel your best. We will help advise you with your exercise routines and eating, and our therapists can always come in to help when needed. Having a team can make all the difference.

FAQ About Nutrition Therapy Services

I lost weight but then I gained it back. Lifestyle approaches like intermittent fasting and the keto diet claim that they are sustainable across the lifespan but usually people have great difficulty adhering to them in the long term. Not only that but it is often a painful and rigid way to live. High energy approaches that incorporate all food groups can lead to more sustainable weight management and A MUCH BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE! Hangry much? Move on with us to better ways to eat!