Coping with Physical Illness

Coping with Physical Illness

When medical issues arise in your family Rago therapists are ready to help. Actually, many medical problems can benefit from specialized counseling. It is a lot to process when you are dealing with a diagnosis and finding out what that means for you in your life, in your future and with your family. There are so many decisions to be made, and it is sometimes hard to find your voice when you have chronic pain or chronic illness. Keeping centered as make a plan of action to go forward, and finding out what you can control and what you cannot all keep you emotionally healthy when coping with significant illness. The Rago team would like to assist you as you stay strong in who you are as an illness might feel overwhelming.

As physicians take care of your medical needs, therapists at Rago & Associates help you make plans for health and healing, make necessary changes in lifestyle and mind-set and deal with grieving and acceptance that accompanies personal losses related to health.

Signs & Symptoms

Receiving a diagnosis, and also feeling terrible pain and sickness in your body is highly traumatic. This can lead to PTSD, depression, anxiety and other symptoms that you will need to manage in order to master the emotional aspects of your illness. Many people feel overwhelmed and out of control when dealing with sickness. Life and death "existential" issues become paramount in the spiritual aspects of illness and finding the meaning we need to actually enjoy our lives.

Causes & Risk Factors

Illness can hit us from out of the blue, and it is important to take the time with a caring and knowledgeable professional because illness can threaten our very existence, what our life means to us, how we can cope with pain, and what people don't usually think of, is that there are many aspects of illness that related to our identity. Who am I with this illness and what does this mean for me and about me are critical to figure out when trying to have a good quality of life when we are sick.


Emotionally there is so much to manage when you are dealing with chroic pain and illness. Work has to be done to figure out how to have a good life while managing something so painfula and difficult. Keeping depression, anxiety and PTSD at bay and keeping relationships strong with the stress that being sick and dealing with a diagnosis brings to your life requires a great support team to manage it well. You can trust the Rago team to bring this expertise to you during a difficult time like this.


We coordinate with other health-care providers as needed, and allow our clients to talk out and work through feelings that could turn into psychological symptoms if not dealt with effectively. We provide support and increased family communication, when needed, to our clients who are dealing with physical illness, including chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer, Crohn’s disease and other medical problems. One of our specialties is helping people manage and cope with diabetes.

FAQ About Coping with Physical Illness

Medical diagnoses, and dealing with pain, can be greatly assisted by therapy. Given how hard it is to find happiness and meaning in life, and to connect with those we love when struggling with illness, therapy can bring a great deal of comfort and helpful ideas for the best ways to deal with this. The Rago team is here for you so you don’t have to go it alone when coping with physical pain and medical illness.