Bereavement Counseling

About Bereavement Counseling

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult issues people encounter. The pain, emptiness and confusion of significant deaths, or losses of health, are extremely hard to accept. Children, adolescents and adults need special places and special methods to handle these difficult times.

Rago & Associates recognizes the special trust you place upon us to help assist family members of all ages deal with deaths and emotional losses that seem insurmountable.

Signs Bereavement Counseling is Needed

Sadness is normal and natural when you lose someone you love. But at times this can turn into more of a "post-traumatic" situation where you might become obsessed with how the person died, or what you saw happen. Or a severe depression and anxiety can set in where you just feel overwhelmed and like you cannot go on without the person you love.

Causes & Risk Factors

Some relationships are complicated, and having the space in therapy to talk this through is a great relief and leads to successfully moving forward with your life after an important death. We have worked with people to create the safe space they need to go over anger, disappointment, or even just great and severe loss when someone was very special and important in our lives.

Complications with Bereavement

People may find that many aspects of their lives are impacted from a death, from financial to social to their living situation, and all of these aspects of loss can make it more confusing to heal. Therapy with our Rago team can help you safely navigate through these areas to find peace and happiness once again.

Treatment for Bereavement

Figuring out how the loss has effected you, what it means in your life and what does this mean "about you" is the way to start the healing journey. When trauma, negativity, overwhelm and fear are in the way it makes it hard to enjoy life at all. But sorting out those aspects with our Rago team can help you reconnect with what you loved about this person, and help you know that they want the very best for you since you are still here needing to make a life for yourself.

FAQ About Bereavement Counseling

When going through a very significant loss, you have to figure out very “existential” basic issues about the meaning of your life, your relationship with God, and how you could ever go on. Having the support of our team can make a huge difference in figuring out these important concerns.