Anger Management

About Anger Management

Do you manage your anger, or does your anger manage you? Anger can be hard for anyone, especially if it is intense.

If you find that your anger has caused you difficulty in your home or work life, in relationships, leads to alcohol or substance abuse or even problems with the law, it is important to get out of denial and work out these problems with a therapist.

Anger Signs & Symptoms

People embarrassed by anger problems may make excuses or blame other people for their anger. This denial and defensiveness causes even more relationship problems, while problems dig themselves a deeper and deeper hole.

Causes of Anger

Everyone has valid reasons for being angry! But be sure to figure out better ways to deal with anger so it does not lead to destruction of the most important people and relationships in your life. There are certain patterns of thinking that enhance anger, so learning how to change things can lead to a better life by far.

Complications with Anger

When we get caught up in anger it can truly ruin everything in our lives. People leave jobs and relationships because of anger, only to find out later that they regret the way the behaved and looked at those situations. Having therapy to learn better ways to deal with complicated feelings can make all the difference.

Treatment for Anger

Anger management is learned through identifying what is making you angry, how you are thinking about it and how to deescalate it so it does not grow so big and overwhelming. You might have some trauma associated with these issues, that lead to anger that seems bigger than normal for a certain event or person. Also, certain patterns of thinking lead to greater hostility and anger, such as feeling like other people are wronging you and that everything is unfair. Instead of letting these ideas become giant and global, Rago therapy will help you figure out why you are so angry, piece by piece and come up with strategies to think about it differently and learn to manage it better. Are you managing anger or is anger managing you?

FAQ About Anger Management

You do! But learn to be in control of your feelings instead of them being in control of you. Also, there is a great power in learning to forgive. Forgiveness is spiritual and cognitive and physical and it is a skill that you can learn. It is an important skill for inner peace and healing.