Therapy for Children

At Rago & Associates, we have specialists who have years of experience helping children overcome barriers to success in school, in relationships, and with self-esteem.

Our experience working with children in schools and families has taught us much, but it’s the talent of our child therapists that allows us to make a difference.

Our Approach

Children are approached in a caring and positive way. We assist children in counseling to find ways to increase their successes, strengths, and resources. As children become more successful in managing feelings and solving problems their self-esteem and happiness start to grow.

No child deserves to feel depression, anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger, or that they cannot succeed in school, with friends, or with their families. Our therapists are dedicated to helping each child find the path to success and happiness. This builds a strong foundation for their future.

Types of Therapy

It is important to us to help parents and families connect with their children and to provide unique ways for children to communicate. Children need nonverbal ways to express themselves since their verbal abilities are still developing.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy, art therapy, and play therapy are ways that we can help your child sort out and understand their feelings and needs so that they can be assisted to overcome any symptoms that are impacting them.

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